Week 17 – 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: Bryan Family Reunions

Week 17: April 26, 2014

Bryan Family Reunions

story pics_0003

Edgar & Ola (Askew) McKinley on a stop in the mountains on the way to the Bryan Family Reunion

I’ve heard about several Bryan family reunions our family had, but unfortunately I don’ remember any of them. When I first discovered the town of Dahlonega, Georgia, little did I know that I had been to this exact place when I was very young, probably before the age of five.

My mom told me, after I began researching, that we once went to a Bryan family reunion just outside of Dahlonega; Her remembrance is. “I rode in my parents car that day as they also came and I definitely remember going ’round and ’round those winding mountain roads to get there. That’s probably why I don’t like those roads there today. I remember my father stopping by a small stream along the way” (see photo above).

“My father talked about seeing no cemeteries along the way as he drove. We finally found our turnoff, but there was no driveway to turn into – someone opened a gate to a field and we drove through. Their house was located by a stream that actually ran under the back porch area – I remember distinctly that the back porch was over running water. I also remember watching the women cook all day –  platefuls of fried chicken were brought to the table all day, and it was some of the best fried chicken I’d ever eaten, except for my mama’s. The chicken was good because it had been freshly killed that morning. Unless you’ve eaten fresh chicken, you wouldn’t know the difference, but there is a big difference in taste compared to store bought.”

“What most interested my father was the lack of cemeteries that he didn’t see – and being the talker he was, he questioned several old men on that. Their answer was that they didn’t need them, they lived to old ages.”

From what I know today, and talking to others who went to a few of those Bryan reunions, I believe the house belonged to Sara Catherine Bryan Long, daughter of William Madison Bryan. She was also known as Aunt Sage. I believe that house to be near Cane Creek Church.

bryan brothers

Back Left, Gordon, Charlie, Leon, Clyde, Paul Bryan Front, Runt and Myrt Bryan (Poss) BRYAN SIBLINGS

Later on, there were many Bryan family reunions held at Uncle Clyde Bryan’s home where these photographs were taken. I’ve often wondered why my parents didn’t continue going to those Bryan family reunions, but by that time they had left Greene Co., and moved to Perry, Ga. – they were considerably further away now. I’ve never been able to locate any photographs of the reunions, other than this one; people then didn’t use a camera like we do today and photography was an unnecessary expense for them.

What puzzles me about the photo below is – my grandparents Paul and Evelyn Bryan are missing? I can’t imagine what kept them away on this day unless they arrived after the photo was taken? And who took this photo? There is always someone missing – the someone who took the picture.

Bryan July 1962 pic

Front Row L. to R: Leon Bryan and wife Louise (directly behind him on left), small boy looking behind him, next to Leon, is Steve Yearwood, Helen (Bryan) Yearwood with arm on Leon (Leon’s dau), Helen (McKinley) Bryan (my mom) in chair, Kathy Yearwood (girl in my mother’s lap), Cindy Bryan Moore (young girl kneeling), Skipper Bryan (Charlie’s son), Charlie Bryan, Myrt Bryan Poss, Harold Lee Bryan (Clyde’s son), Debra “Debbie” Lee Bryan (daughter of Harold and Essie Maude Bryan: age 4), Henry Walter “Mutt” DeLoach, Susan Elaine Pemberton Hall (girl in front touching face. I first thought this girl might be me, but mama would have had me next to her. Susan is the daughter of Elizabeth Bryan Pemberton.)  
Back Row L. R: Charles Bryan and wife Rosa Lee, Clayton Bryan (my father), Runt Bryan, unk woman, John Robert Poss (peeking through), Sara Kate Bryan (wife of Runt Bryan) Polly Bryan (wife of Charlie), Essie Maude Rayburn Bryan (wife of Harold Bryan), William Franklin Pemberton (son of Elizabeth Bryan Pemberton), Ever Lou (Ogletree) Bryan, (wife of Clyde), Clarence Sibley Bryan (son of Clyde), Clyde Bryan. 

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  2. Jeffery Michael (Mike) Pemberton says:

    We were able to fill in several of the names from our family.
    I have substituted them in the list below.

    Bryan Family Reunion: July 1962 – Front L. to R. Leon Bryan and wife Louise (directly behind him on left), Helen Bryan Yearwood, Helen M. Bryan in chair, girl in lap , Cindy Bryan Moore (kneeling girl), Skipper? Charlie Bryan, Myrtle Bryan Poss, Harold Lee Bryan, Debra Lee Bryan (Harold and Essie Maude’s Daughter, Henry Walter (Mutt) DeLoach, Susan Elaine Pemberton Hall (Mike’s sister), Back Row L. R. Charles Bryan, wife Rosa Lee, Clayton Bryan, Runt Bryan, woman, John Robert Poss (peeking), Sara Kate Bryan (Runt Bryan’ wife) Polly Bryan (Charlie’s wife), Essie Maude Rayburn Bryan (Harold’s wife, William Franklin Pemberton (Mike’s brother), Ever Lou Ogletree Bryan (Clyde’s wife, Mike’s grandmother), Clarence Sibley Bryan youngest son of Clyde & Ever Lou; Clyde Bryan.

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