Week 49: 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: The Hilsman Family

York Co., VA

York County, Virginia

Week 49: December 06, 2014

The Hilsman Family…

Last week I wrote on my Mapp line – this week continues with Rebecca Ann Mapp’s husband’s line  – The Ancestors of Jasper L. B. Hilsman.

John A. Hilsman

John A. Hilsman born circa 1649 in York, York Co., Virginia and died 1704, York co., VA. He is the earliest Hilsman found in York County, VA. by the use of court records; from a deposition made in York County, VA. in 1646. Several researchers have theories on whether our Hilsman line is of German or British origin. I am leaning more toward  British as York County was settled by English speaking people and the names associated with John A. Hilsman through deeds, wills, etc. were more of English origin.

His birth date is calculated from this deed: (York Co. Deeds, Wills, No. 7, pg. 41, 42: 1684-1687) The deposition of John Hilsman, aged thirty and five years or thereabouts, sayeth, “That the boat that John Smith let John Seaborne have to the best of my knowledge was not worth five shillings and further, sayth not.” Signed John A. Hilsman   February 21, 1684/5.

Hilsman was another line I left hanging for years, thinking I would never find anything on this line – well I was soon proved wrong! I quickly discovered a Hilsman Family History book written in 1977 by Thomas Wingo Hil(l)sman and Naomi  B. Hil(l)sman; later revised in 1997. Through reading many excerpts in their book, research on Ancestry and my own research of following the lines – I have pulled together my Hilsman family line.

John A. Hilsman marries (unk) Clarke by 1670; John dies 1704 in York Co., Va. and as no wife is named in the will, I can only assume she died between 1678 and 1704. (Marriage record found Ancestry: U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900)


  • John Hilsman Jr. b. 1670 in York Co., VA., died 1703 York Co., VA. (no marriage/no children)
  • Elizabeth Hilsman b. ?
  • William Hilsman b. 1672, York Co., VA., d. 1726; mar. Dianah? Bennett?
  • Mary Hilsman, b. 1674, York Co., VA. mar. William Garro(w) -2 children
  • Nicholas Hilsman, b. 1678, York Co., VA. moved to Amelia Co., Va. after father’s death; d. 1726 (4 children)




York County, Va. Records No. 12, Deeds, Orders, Wills 1702-1706, p. 288

In the name of God, Amen the 16th day of November in the year of our Lord God 1704, and the third year of the reign of our Governing Lady the Queen Ann…I, John Hilsman being of perfect sense and memory, make this my last will and testament, in manner and form following; in which I give and bequeath unto Nichloss Hilsman one feather bed and furniture, three mares and one horse;…to be equally divided to William Hilsman, Mary Garro, and Nichloss Hilsman…if it pleases God that either of the three should decease then to be returned to the survivor;…and also I desire that Mary Garro be the Executrix to this estate and that she get ten shillings.  I too give unto Elizabeth Clarkstone to by her a ring.

Witnesses:                                                his
William Garro                             John Hilsman     X
Sarah Foreman                                      mark


 There was an actual inventory of John A. Hilsman’s estate and a few of the things listed that interested me were 1 box iron and heaters – now what was this – cast iron heater? 4 iron pots – well as my husband and I collect cast iron cookware, this would interest me highly, and probably a Griswold pot might have been there; 1 old frying pan and 1 earthen mug – did they actually list every piece they owned in these inventories – hope that was a cast iron frying pan? Then there was a list of “things disposed of before the appraisement – 1 pr of shoose, 1 coarse sheet old, a pr of yarn stokings, a pr of worn stokings; I wonder who the recipient of these valuables were? I had to laugh at the spellings on them – Please don’t send the spelling police after me!

My line continues with William Hilsman marrying (1) Dianah? Bennett? There is much speculation on her name with many researchers believing her last name to be Bennett due to naming first son Bennett and a daughter Dianah. I leave her with that name and question marks to keep the speculation present and documented. William married (2) Elizabeth (unk) Henderson – (widow of a Mathias Henderson).

  • Bennett Hilsman abt. 1711, marr. Frances ( Hinde?) before 1740.
  • Dianah Hilsman b. abt. 1713. No marriage found; in father’s will
  • Elizabeth Hilsman b. abt. 1715. No marriage found; in fathers will

Bennett Hilsman (son of William and Dianah Hilsman) born abt. 1711 was William’s only son and specified in his will (1726) that he be “bound out for some trade.” I have not found any record of whether he learned a trade or was even actually bound out. Bennett married Frances Hinde? Most researchers believe this to be her last name, but no actual proof has been found, only speculation. The next record found of him is the christening of his three oldest children in the Charles Parish Church, York Co., VA. I have found no death date but it would have to be after 1784 and before 1799 when his will was probated in Franklin Co., N.C.; Bennett Hilsman was found in a record of claim in 1755 for taking up a run-a-way servant. In 1767 Bennett is found listed as a planter of Bute Co., N.C. when he bought 271 acres of land for 80 pounds. He made his own will in 1784 in Franklin Co., N.C.; Bute Co. was divided into the counties of Franklin and Warren in 1779. The final probate of Bennett Hilsman’s will was in the year of 1799, so we can only assume that was at his death.


  • William Hilsman b. Dec. 20, 1740, York Co., VA. no marriage found
  • Mary Hilsman b. Oct. 15, 1742, York Co., VA. married (1) Samuel Eley, (2) William Baker
  • Hinde Hilsman b. Jan. 25, 1744, York Co., VA. married Martha Reddick?
  • James Hilsman abt. 1746, York Co., VA. married (1) Mary Rogers, (2) Charity Rich
  • Hannah Hilsman b. abt. 1748, York Co., VA. not married by date of fathers will

Benett Hilsman WILL 1

Benett Hilsman WILL 2

James Hilsman (son of Bennett and Francis (unk) Hilsman) born abt. 1746 in York Co., VA.; at some point he seems to have gone to North Carolina with his father Bennett. James married (1) Mary Rogers on March 19, 1772 in Wake Co., N.C. They had four children.  James wife, Mary, died before 1783 – he married (2) Charity Rich on Aug. 9, 1783 in Wake Co., N.C., two years later James died in 1785 in Wake Co. N.C. (I found James listed in a couple of records as James Bennett Hilsman) From Ancestry I found mention of him serving as a Captain in the N.C. Rev. Army and paid for apprehending three deserters in 1779. I cannot document that as a fact as of yet, but chose to list it as a speculation, pending further research. (On Fold3.com in Rev. War Pensions I found a James Hilsman for Pike Co., GA in a document of a clerk of the Interior County, State of Ga. certifying that he qualified as a pensioner.)

Mary Rogers, his first wife, married James Hilsman at the very young age of fourteen! Her first child was born at age fifteen, second child born at age eighteen, third child born at age nineteen and her fourth and last child born at age twenty. Mary was just a child herself when she married and before the age of twenty, she had four children with three of them born in successive years. As I read through the years of her children’s close births and saw at what age she herself married, and then recorded her death at age twenty five, just five years later, I truly feel sorry for her, my great-great-great grandmother and the life she lived – or did not live. I have found no parents for this young girl, who herself was a child when James married her – why was she married at such an early age, was she an orphan?

Source: James Hilsman birth source: Charles Parish, York Co., VA. Familysearch.org – VA, Birth and Christenings 1853-1917

Source: (Hilsman/Rogers: Marriage source; N.C. Marriage Bonds 1741-1768)

Source: (Hilsman/Rich: Marriage source; Marriage Index Wake Co., N.C., 1741-2004)

Source: N.C. Estate Files 1663-1979 lists will of James Hilsman

James Hillsman Estate Sale 1785

James Hillsman Estate Sale 1785

Children Of: James Hilsman and Mary Rogers

  • Martha Hilsman b. May 12, 1773, Wake Co., N.C. mar. Michael Eley; moved to GA.
  • Bennett Hilsman Apr. 30, 1776, Wake Co., N.C.
  • James Hilsman b. abt. 1777, d. in 1791 in N.C.
  • Micajah Hilsman b. end of 1778. He was most likely age 21 in 1799, the year the final probate was made of his grandfather Bennett Hilsman’s will, which he was one of the beneficiaries. He along with his brother Bennett went to Georgia together.

Bennett Hilsman (son of James and Mary Rogers), born April 30, 1776 in Wake Co., N.C.  His father and mother both died while he was a small child. From the N.C. court minutes, at least two guardians served for him and his brother Micajah. Bennett and Micajah sued their guardian’s estate for damages, about 1800 and won; the case was appealed but the results are not known – was this the reason for leaving the state completely and going to Georgia? (I have not found the entire court case on this, but hope to in the future)

From book – Georgia, comprising sketches of counties, towns, event, institutions and persons, vol III, pg. 440… Bennett Hilsman’s parents were massacred by Indians when he was about thirteen. Later, with younger brother Micajeh and older sister Patsy, they came to Georgia and settled in White Plains, GA. Micajeh later settled in Morgan Co., GA. (I have not found a sister of Bennett’s so-called “Patsy” – so possibly it was Martha called by the name of Patsy, as she was their first and oldest child)

By 1804, Bennett Hilsman married Mary Harvey in Hancock Co., Ga. on Oct. 30, 1804; she was the daughter of an affluent Georgia family, the daughter of James Harvey, a Rev. War Veteran who served in South Carolina; receiving large grants of land for his service. Mary was born Mar. 3, 1787 and died Oct. 9, 1854 with twelve children born to them. Both Bennett and Mary (Harvey) Hilsman are buried in the family cemetery in Hancock, Co., GA; all their children were born in Hancock Co., Georgia.

The Bennett Hilsman tombstone is located in the Hilsman-Lary family cemetery in Hancock Co: Reads on headstone; Born April 30, 1776 – died April 4, 1855: “Sacred to the memory of Bennet H., son of James Sr. Hilsman; On same 10-foot high headstone is name of wife, Mary Harvey Hilsman; born March 3, 1787, died Oct. 9, 1854.  The inscription on gravestone reads – “Sacred to the memory of Bennet Hilsman, son of James Hilsman, Sr. Sun and moon and stars decay, Time shall soon this earth remove. Rise my soul and hasten away to seats prepared above.”

On the same 10 foot high headstone: Mary Harvey Hilsman “I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me write From henceforth blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, Even so saith the spirit for they rest from their labors.”

  • James Hilsman b. Nov. 12, 1805, mar. (1) Emeline Hudson (mar. 1828), (2) Amanda J. Battle (mar. 1832).
  • Irene Hilsman b. July 9, 1807 and d. Oct. 29, 1809
  • John R. Hilsman b. Dec. 21,1809 and d. June 20, 1883
  • Jeffrey Hilsman b. June 28, 1813, mar. (1) Martha L. A. Alexander in 1841 and (2) to Ann Haseltine Stokes in 1847. Jeffrey died Sept. 13, 1851, buried in family cem., Hancock Co., Ga. cemetery. First wife bur.White Plains, GA.
  • Josiah Hilsman b. May 19, 1816 married Josephine Gray on Mar. 14, 1843. Josiah graduated from the University of PA. School of Medicine in 1841. Josiah d. June 3, 1872.
  • Jeremiah Hilsman b. Aprl 2 5, 1818, mar. Martha Ann Eliza Janes on May 28, 1844.Jeremiah graduated from the University of PA. School of Medicine in 1842 and practiced in GA. until his death on Oct. 24, 1868 in Albany, Ga.
  • Judge Hilsman b. May 29, 1820, married Burmah Howell in 1857; he died Sept. 1899.
  • Mary Hilsman b. May 30, 1822, Leonidas B. Mercer in 1850 and died Mar. 25, 1865.
  • Martha Hilsman b. Sept. 27, 1824, mar. J. W. Andrews in 1841 and died Apr. 23, 1884.
  • Maria Hilsman b. Apr. 26, 1826, mar. Sterling Evans in 1861 and died Sept., 7, 1869
  • Jasper Hilsman Apr. 20, 1828, mar. Rebecca Ann Mapp on Feb. 19, 1853; d. Aug. 31, 1888.
  • Minerva Hilsman b.Nov. 23, 1830, mar. James H. Nelms; died Feb. 23, 1830; no children
Hilsman Graduates of 1841 1842 PA Univ

Jeremiah and Josiah Hilsman listed in the Univ. of Penn. Graduate Class of 1841-1842 as Doctors. A total of 358 Graduates were in their class.

Every son in this family begins with the letter “J”.  All the daughters, except for Irene, begins with the letter “M” – poor Irene, why did they exclude her in the naming pattern? My Jasper Hilsman continued that in his own family of naming girls with the letter “M” – his son, John Robert, he seemed to continue with the “J” as his parents did.

Two of Bennett’s sons, Josiah and Jeremiah went on to become Doctor’s – both graduated from the University of Pennsylvania; Josiah graduated in 1841 and Jeremiah graduated in 1942; both sons were in school at the same time. Bennett must have been well off to have two children in school at the same time becoming doctors. What was the price of college at that time? The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1765 and is the oldest and one of the finest medical schools in the United States. (I contacted the Univ. of Penn. and they graciously sent me links to their archives. It seems the pricing was $25.00 dollars a quarter in 1841-1842. Tuition and fees for the 2014-15 academic year today for the Univ. of Penn. are $47,668, room and board fees total $13,464. Quite the difference!

Jasper Hilsman, the eleventh of twelve children of Bennett and Mary (Harvey) Hilsman was born on April 20, 1828 in Hancock Co., GA. and married Rebecca Ann Mapp, (1829 – 1906) daughter of Robert Howson Mapp, (born South Carolina 1772-1855) and Martha Barnes (1785-1850).

CLIP Hilsman Map Marriage Record

Jasper L. B. Hilsman to Rebecca A. Mapp


  1. Martha “Mattie” Ida Hilsman 1853 – 1890
  2. Mary Eulah Hilsman 1855 – 1916
  3. Maria Burt Hilsman 1857 –
  4. Mildred Hilsman 1859 – 1899 (twin)
  5. Minerva Hilsman 1859 – 1925 (twin) mar. Asa Marchman
  6. Myrtice Hilsman 1861 – 1898
  7. Maude Eliza Hilsman 1864 – 1947
  8. Margaret “Maggie” Hilsman 1869 – 1927
  9. John Robert Hilsman 1871 – 1932 mar. abt. 1903 to Lizzie L. (unk)

Their last child John Robert Hilsman was at last – a boy; Jasper must have been elated to finally have a son to carry on the Hilsman name – maybe that’s why the large family – always hoping for the boy! John grew up and learned the trade of blacksmith and worked at a local carriage shop in White Plains (1920 Census); in the 1930 census he’s found working in a blacksmith shop.

On the death certificate of daughter Minerva, who died in 1925, her son J. C. Marchman was the informant. Her father, Jasper Hilsman, was listed, but mother was listed as “unknown.” I find that very sad, that her son never knew who his mother’s mother was, there were still two of Minerva’s siblings living – why would you not ask and have the information correct – but very sad that this young man never even knew his own grandmother’s name. Did they not realize that genealogist look to these death certificates to piece together families? Good thing I knew who Minera’s mother was, as he certainly was of no help to me!

Most of my Hilsman’s ended up in the area of White Plains, Greene Co., Ga. which was incorporated about 1834; first known as Fort Neil. Due to the growth of cotton and the invention of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, there was much slavery during the years of 1840 – 1850; by 1840 there were over 7000 slaves in Greene Co. In Rice’s “History of Greene County” Hilsman was listed as one of a group of prominent businessmen in 1897; It appears John R Hillsman married when he was older, abt. 1903; maybe that’s what helped him to build his wealth.

I believe my Jasper Hilsman’s son, John Robert Hilsman, is the one they have referred to as often a Robert Hilsman, businessman. John R Hillsman employed his brother, Jasper Hillsman, on one of his two farms to look after that property with its slaves.

The 1860 Taliafarro Co., Census listed Jasper L. B. Hilsman Real Estate value at $3,085 and Personal Estate at $21,509. Many personal estates were also high around him, as I questioned the figures.

Clip 1860 HIlsman Taliaferro Co

1860 Taliaferro Co., GA. Census – J. L. B. Hilsman

The 1870 Taliafarro Co. Census listed Jasper L. B. Hilsman Real Estate value much lower at $1400 and Personal Estate at $370 – quite a difference from just ten years ago. I possibly attribute that large difference from the Civil War. It would have been nice to have an agricultural census for 1870 to compare with the 1860 I found.

The 1860 Agricultural Census gave me much insight into what Jasper farmed on his 200 acres of land, with another 617 acres of un-improved land. The cash value of his farm was shown at $3085 dollars and there was a $600 dollar value placed on his farming implements and machinery. Jasper owned 3 horses, 6 asses and mules, 12 milch cows (cows kept only for milk), 6 working oxen and 6 other cattle. He also owned 54 sheep, 90 swine’s (hogs), cash value of his livestock was listed at $1225 dollars. Also listed in his inventory was 35 wheat bushels, 800 Indian corn bushels, 30 ginned cotton bales – of 400 lb. each, and 83 wool pounds. Also listed was 75 bushels of sweet potatoes, five dollars listed for orchard products, 150 pounds of butter, $35 dollar value on homemade manufacturing and $165 dollars listed for animals slaughtered. It seems he had quite a productive plantation of land and livestock.

Jasper Hilsman Agriculture Census 2

Jasper Hilsman 1860 Agriculture Census

My direct line ends with Jasper’s wife – Margaret “Maggie” Hilsman Askew – for further stories on Maggie and her mother Rebecca Ann Mapp, who I featured in Week 48 see links below.

Weekly stories that also tie into this line:

Margaret “Maggie” Hilsman: See Week. No. 7 for her story https://jinsalacoblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/the-shoe-hits-the-wall-week-7-feb-15-2014/

Rebecca Ann Mapp Hilsman –  Margaret “Maggie” Hilsman’s mother:   See Week No. 48 https://jinsalacoblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/week-48-november-29-2014-52-ancestor-52-week-blog-rebecca-ann-mapp-1899-1906/

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17 Responses to Week 49: 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: The Hilsman Family

  1. Lyn Smith says:

    Great job Jeanne! I knew a lot of this but you sure have enlightened me on a bunch. I spent months (a couple or three years ago) researching the Hil(l)sman line. I knew that Bennett and Micajah’s parents died when they were young and they sued their guardians, then came to Georgia but I didn’t know their parents were killed by Indians. I’m going to have to start printing these pages and attach them to all my other papers. This is really good stuff. Your McKinley line must have got all the story genes because mine sure missed out. Thanks for all the good work.

  2. Thanks for reading. I’m sure you could write great stories – you just have to start!

  3. Geri Crouch says:

    What is known about the daughter of Bennett Hilsman named Mary that was married to Samuel Eley and William Baker. They were in Bute County, North Carolina when William Baker died in 1776. What is known about William Baker?

    • Geri, I’m sorry that I do not have any more information on Mary marrying William Baker.

    • Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

      Geri Crouch, I was reviewing Jeanne’s blog and across this comment of yours. There is a book by Thomas Wingo Hillsman and Naomi B. Hillsman, published 1977, The Hil(l)sman Family. The book is no longer in print but I have copied and binded quite a bit of it. Page 101 mentions Mary, daughter of Bennett, born 1 October 1742 York County, Virginia. Baptized 15 November 1742 Charles Parish Church, York County, Virginia. Married about 1759 to Samuel Eley of Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Probably married in Virginia. She went to North Carolina with her father. No date given, but Samuel came with them, ad it appears all children were born in North Carolina.
      Samuel Eley was witness to the deed from Robert Brinkley to Bennett Hilsman in Bute County, North Carolina in 1767. He was 5th generation from England, descendant of Robert Eley, emigrant in 1620-1630
      Children (page 105) of Mary Hilsman and Samuel Eley:
      William 1761 Bute County, North Carolina, fought Revolutionary War, later went to Georgia where he died in Greene County about 1808. Listed first in Bennett’s Will (1799). Married Sarah Lancaster 3 January 1776. Sarah died after 18 November 1818, date which she deeded all her property in Greene County to her son Eli Eley. She died near Ft. Gaines, Georgia. There is a note that says to see Chapter on “Military Service”. There is only the one son born to Sarah and William. Eli born 1789 North Carolina or Georgia. Married Elizabeth Tatum about 1810, she was born about 1793 Greene County, Georgia. He died 1842, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Elizabeth died after 1842. No children mentioned.
      Jesse 1763, probably Franklin County, North Carolina. Page 106 says probably born Bute County, North Carolina. Married Nancy Shackleford Haynes, who died 12 November 1843, Oglethorpe County, Georgia age 75. One child: Elizabeth Baker born 7 June 1810. Married ____ Thornton. No further record found.
      Mary 1765. no further record found.
      Anne 1767 probably Franklin County, North Carolina. Married John Johnson, moved to Oglethorpe County, Georgia. John’s Will made in Oglethorpe County, 28 January 1828, probated March 1828, Book C, Folio 45/ 6/ 7 recorded in book 1825-37, page 49, Henry County, where his son, Jesse, lived and administered the estate, mentioning the following: Children- Samuel, John, Thomas J. and Ann (no dates or other information given); Jesse born 28 April 1795 Georgia, died 15 May 1856 Lockhart, Texas, married 14 November 1817 Lucy Webb Barnett* born 14 January 1798; Polly married Pleasant L Barnett*, deceased, Mrs Earl Heddins, San Angelo, Texas. *Siblings?
      Sarah 1769. no further record found.
      Samuel 1771. no further record found.
      Samuel Eley, Sr. died 1771 and Mary administered his estate under bond to Governor Josiah Martin of North Carolina, secured by Bennett Hilsman and William Denson.
      Mary Hilsman Eley married William Baker about 1773, he died in 1776, leaving Mary out of his Will. She objected. No other record found. No children in second marriage. As of the printing of this book, there was no more information available for William Baker.
      There is more information on the grandchildren of Mary Hilsman and Samuel Eley but way more than I can type out here. If you are still interested in any of this, let me know (Jeanne can reach me) and I will scan the pages and send them.
      Sorry there is no more information on Baker. It is strange to me that Mary’s son, Jesse name his daughter, Baker?

      • Geri Crouch says:

        Still looking for information on William Baker who married Mary and died in 1776. Any thing known on William Baker would be appreciated.

  4. Pingback: Week 51: December 20, 2014 – 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, I found your parents! | 52 Week Ancestor Challenge

  5. Paul A Lasseter says:

    James Hilsman (1805-1854) is mentioned in the Autobiography of Col. Richard Malcolm Johnston by Richard Malcolm Johnston (pages 17-18). The book indicates he was a schoolteacher and that he was killed by his son-in-law.

  6. Paul that is quite interesting to know – I will search out that book. Are you related to James Hilsman?

  7. William Andrew Hillman, Jr says:

    I have traced my family tree all the way back to slavery and it looks like I can be traced back to a Bennett Hilsman and or one of his sons.
    My name is William Andrew Hillman, Jr, My father was William Andrew Hillman, Sr, My Grandfather was John Daniel Hillman, My Great Grandfather Was William Hilman / Hilsman, My Great Great Grandfather was Andrew Hillman /Hilsman and his mother was Hetty Hilsman whom I believe was a slave at one time owned by the Hilsman family.
    According to census records Andrew Hilsman was Mulatto (half black/white) his mother Hetty Hilsman black, {Was last name given by slave owner and possibly fathered illegitimate child Andrew Hilsman / Hillman?) I know all this sounds crazy but it wasn’t uncommon for that time period.
    I am the last Hillman in my blood line and have always wanted to see how far I could trace back my blood line or family name. What has actually brought me here is the addresses from census records. District 107 and 103 Hancock County Ga.
    What happened to Hilsman family slaves??? Did they take on Hilsman name when they were freed? Who are the Black Hilsman’s living on District 103 Hancock county 1880? Bennett Hilsman family was living on District 107 Hancock County Ga., and if you look at map, these two districts are almost next door to each other.

    You can look at my family tree (Hillman Family Tree) on ancestry.com

    The key is where did Hetty Hilsman come from and who fathered her son Andrew Hilsman whom was half black and White called Mulatto.

    Take a look and let me know what you think. This could turn into a very interesting story.

    William Hillman, Jr

  8. Good Morning William, nice surprise finding a response to my Hilsman post. I did search for your tree on Ancestry but did not find, I think I might need an invite. I go by JeanneBryanInsalaco on there, or you can send to my email at Jinsalaco(at)sbcglobal.net. I see your name dropped the s at some point. Some go by Hilsman and some go by Hillsman and often it was just how someone happened to write it.

    • William, have you searched out the Hilsman Wills to search out Hetty’s name. That is how most try and make a connection. It’s so difficult to search the slaves and yes most did take their last master’s surname as they had no last name. A thought though, if they had been sold from one family to another, then that’s when it gets iffy as to what their lines really are. Have you done DNA? I have done mine, but haven’t done much with it as of yet.

  9. William Andrew Hillman, Jr says:

    Hi Jeanne, thank you again for your response. I have not searched out Hilsman wills as of yet. I have only just begun searching on Ancestry.com at the moment but I’m not going to stop there. All of this is new to me but very exciting. I do know the Hillman name used to be Hillsman and the “S” was dropped over time. Everything started with Andrew Hillsman / Hilsman and worked its way back to me. I always just assumed we were the only Hillsman”s from Sparta Ga. Hancock County District 103. It wasn’t until I started messing around on Ancestry.com and found Hetty Hilsman Andrew’s mother and Bennett Hilsman”s family and put all this together. So now I know where and who our name came from. Those facts are all right there and make for an interesting story but it would be even stranger to be connected by blood. I have sent my Ancestry DNA sample in yesterday and will keep all whom are interested posted when the results come back. In the mean time I will continue to research and see what else I can discover.

  10. Kendra says:

    There was a family book my grandfather used to have. It’s was called The Hillsman Family. Published the year I was born 1979 so I wasn’t included but my family was. Started with a John Hillsman who was one if 4 sons who sailed from England. Our family owned the house at Sailors Creek and it included L B Johnson. Not sure if you can find a copy but might be worth the effort if you could track it down. May be some interest to your research.

  11. Andrea H Glenn says:

    I’m a Hilsman – Andrea Leigh Hilsman (11/24/62) daughter of Agnew Hodge Hilsman, III,MD. I had a very treasured Hilsman Family HIstory published in the Kate ’70’s. I have misplaced/ lost this in a move a couple years back. Does anyone know this book and where I might find another copy? I’m so hoping someone has digitized it!! Contact me at andreahglenn@gmail.com


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