Story Index of 52 Stories

My name is Jeanne Bryan Insalaco, owner and writer of 52 Week 52 Ancestor Stories. I Thank You Amy Johnson Crow for your 2014 motivation challenge – I’m back writing! I look forward to sharing them weekly with you so pull up a chair and sit a spell…

If you’d like to read more on Amy’s challenge on Ancestor Stories…..


Amy Johnson Crow, author of the blog “No Story Too Small”

 issued the following challenge:

“Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor. Not only should this get me blogging more, but also to take a deeper look at many more ancestors in my family tree.”

I accepted the challenge and completed it!

 Here are my 2014 – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.


1:  Ola Askew McKinley

2:  Berrian Clark Bryan

3:  Joseph Thomas Sharp

4:  Ila Stargel Sewell Jones

5:  Heirloom Recipes

6:  Searching for Family

7:  The Shoe Hits The Wall

8:  Edgar Thomas McKinley

9:  Harold “Clayton” Bryan

10: Paul Pinkney Bryan

11: I want Pancakes ‘Aunt Tis – Christine Askew Amos

12: Lena McKinley Van Dusen

13: Edgar “Leroy” McKinley

14: Siloam Hauntings on the McKinley Farm

15: William Clark Bryan

16: William Madison Bryan

17: Bryan Family Reunions

18: Cotton Growing on the McKinley Farm

19: McKinley and Bryan – Southern Family sayings…

20: Dear Bryan and McKinley Ancestors…

21: Sander’s Mill and Bowden Pond

22: Those Ahh Moments

23: Greene County Georgia Baseball with Leroy McKinley

24: Will the Real John Bryan step forward

25: Edgar “Lawson” McKinley

26: Evelyn Irene Little Bryan

27: Tornado’s in Greene Co., Georgia

28: B. C. Bryan – Dahlonega’s Blue Ridge Rangers

29: James and Elizabeth (Cain) Bryan

30: A Family Search, an old Church and Ghosts…

31:  The Tale of the Two Nancy Bryan’s…

32: “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills” Tillman D. Gooch

33: Louise “Alma” Wilson Little-Gossett

34: Narcissa C. Meadows Sharp

35: Reflections of “Mr. Paul” – Paul Pinkney Bryan

36: Dear Photograph – Thanks for the Memories…

37: Anchors Aweigh… U.S.N. Harold “Clayton” Bryan

38: May I Have your Autograph Willie Mae, Catherine, Grace, Kendrick?

39: Two Sisters Married Two Brothers…

40: My Mother – Helen Rebecca McKinley Bryan…

41: Rosa L. Sharp (Sharpe) McKinley (1869-1902)

42: William Pinkney Turner and Laura A. Gooch

43: Granddaddy was a Pack Rat…Maybe not…

44: North Carolina McKinleys head into Georgia…

45: Just When I thought I knew it all…

46: I Pack my Suitcase with…         

47: James Bryan – War of 1812…     

48: Rebecca Ann Mapp…             

49: The Hilsman Family…                  

50: Rolling on into my Meadows…

51: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary….

52: Week 52 and I Made it!     

 2014: My Year in Review

© 2014, copyright Jeanne Bryan Insalaco; all rights reserved

9 Responses to Story Index of 52 Stories

  1. Nancy Morrell Bunch says:

    Carrie Hudson was my grandmother she married – Emory Morrell . My father was Clarence Allen Morrell – Carrie’s son .. I love history and family ! Nice to meet u cousin !!

  2. Fantastic idea. I think it is great to share stories such as these.

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  5. Donna Hulsey Merritt says:

    I enjoy reading your stories. I can remember going see Mr. Paul and Miss Evelyn. I liked to sit on the porch when we went to visut. We would play outside until time to go. Loved eating lunch with them. My mom was Mr. Paul’s son,Floyd, sister in law. Uncle Floyd was a lot like Mr. Paul. Quiet. Keep writing Jeanne. I love your stories. Donna

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